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Parkour Tower


X: 3720 Z: -280

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel.png Threatlevel.png


Leather, Chain, Food

Health Potions


Water Source

Yes, in the Canals

Crafting Table




Worthington is a small town in the far East of Minez located at (3720, -280). It has a market place, a parkour tower, an armory, a few shops, and some houses. This town has an abundant amount of food used in recepies like wheat and coco beans, however, there is no crafting tables in the town. With no crafting tables, you'll have to carry out all the items needed to craft food, so you'll need to have some skills in inventory management. Zombies spawn in groups very close to the town and often wander into the town. There's usually a few zombies in the town at once. An easy way to kill zombies is to climb up vines and crouch to kill the zombies while hanging on the vines, although, this makes you vulnerable to other players.


There is around 11 chests in the town. The Parkour Tower near the center of the town has a chest at the top with chain armor and weapons, and it requires a little parkour. Iron equipment has also been reported to be found here, but this cannot be confirmed as of yet. The King's Armory has 2 iron doors with no buttons, but is able to be accessed through the roof and out the hole in the wall (near the iron blocks), but this takes up alot of hearts, and risk dying of fall damage or zombies. 3 chests can be found inside with armor and weapons. In the big house, 3 chests spawn with mostly all types of food except golden apples.