The Spire
Updated Spire
It's a lot taller than this! This is a picture from as high as you can be. Please someone add a better picture.


X: 640 Z: -200

Location Type

Jump course (up a tower)

Zombie Threat

Minimal Threatlevel


Chain, Iron, Enchanted Iron, Enchanted Bow, Ender Pearls, Food

Health potions


Water source

Yes, but not in the Spire itself

Crafting table





The spire is a tall tower. You must do a series of complicated jumps in order to get the loot chests located at the top of the spire.


The loot spawns in four double chests in opposite corners of the Spire, so they spawn back decently fast. Iron swords and iron armor can be found.


Some things that have been found to be helpful:

  • Don't try a jump if you don't think you'll make it.
  • Always hesitate.
  • There are two staircases that spiral around each other. One is easier than the other. Climb up both until you can't go any futher without jumping across a gap. The staircase that has two possible places to jump (left or right) is easier than the other one, with only one place to jump to. It can be assumed that the former is easier to do, although it remains to be confirmed.
  • You can survive off of zombie flesh dropped by the zombies on the Spire, but water is always a problem. Be sure to bring plenty of water, as your water levels will be chewed up when you accomplish the complex and time-consuming parkour.
  • People don't usually come here, but be wary of other players. Being knocked off in the middle of a jump is enough to kill you.
  • Beware, one of the chests at the top of spire (the unique ones) is trapped and spawns a zombie when opened, be ready