Updated Render of Al Hasa (Dec 2018)

Al Hasa is a northern town in the gravel flats which is mostly visited for the health potions obtainable on the top of the tower in the town's center. The other available loot in the town is usually considered average.

Travel Advisory/WarningsEdit

  • There are only two entrances to Al Hasa, the front entrance, and the one at the north eastern point of the town.
  • Players occasionally bring giants here from Giants Camp (located to the west), so be careful.
  • High PvP area, many clans server hop at this location.
  • No crafting tables are to be found in this town. The nearest is at Fort Kharj.
  • The central tower is a common spot for zombie pigmen to spawn.


  • In GuardenGnome's Humble Home there are 2 chests (player heads) that when right-clicked display in the chat "This chest is locked!" and a cake (player head as well) when right-clicked displays in the chat "This Cake is a Lie!" (Reference to the game Portal). There are no longer functional as of now.
  • In LK's Elixer Fixer there is a group of signs that read: "Pluvia has forgotten us. The farm is lost" "Make your own hope" (Referring to the lore block in the Water Spire).
  • In LK's Elixer Fixer, on the second floor is a high spawn rate of a single or multiple pigs which drop raw porkchops and rotten flesh.
  • AYZekhu

    Al Hasa in Halloween 2018

    A new version of Spooky Al Hasa was added for Halloween 2018. The walls were replaced with giant obsidian tentacles with quartz "spikes" and the tower was turned into a giant candle. In consequence to the change to the Tower, the potion chests were slightly harder to reach.